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Welcome to NeatWorks Welcome to version 4. We're happy to announce the following new or enhanced features with this release: The menus and toolbars have been redesigned to make the application faster and easier to use. To do so, perform these steps: The system will detect the document type for you automatically, or you can select the document type in the Document Type field. If you are using the NeatDesk ADF scanner, which can scan two-sided images, you'll be able to select single-sided or double-sided scanning in the Scan Options field.

You can drag and drop misclassified items between bins if desired. For example, if a document accidently scanned as a receipt, you can drag it from the receipt bin into the document bin. NeatWorks will now recognize it as a document instead of as a receipt. This opens the Review screen, as illustrated below. The Review screen enables you to adjust or delete the scanned image. In addition, you can modify the scanned data e. If you've scanned a receipt or a document, you will have several filing options after completing your review.

Business cards are automatically filed in the Business Card organizer. You can create a new folder, or choose an existing folder for an item. Creating a New Folder To create a new folder, click New, as shown below: The following screen displays Type in a folder name.

Select a folder type by clicking the down arrow and choosing from the list that displays, or type in the desired folder type. Select a folder label by clicking the down arrow and choosing from the list that displays, or type in the desired folder label. Choose the desired folder by clicking on it. The selected folder will be highlighted in orange. If only one item is in the bin, click items in the bin, select those you want to file by highlighting them and click File Selected You can now scan additional items if desired by clicking the buttons on the upper right side of the screen.

You can use folders to organize receipts into any type of group you like. For example, you can create a folder to track business expenses or a home improvement project. Editing Cells in a Folder You can edit folder cells anytime you need to modify the information in them. To do Click the cell you want to modify.

Deleting a Folder You can delete a folder whenever you no longer need it. If you've already scanned the receipts that you want to use in an Expense Report, just choose Expense Report in the Folder Type column. Click on the button. The receipt will be split into the designated number of items and each item will be shown in its own row. An identifying number will automatically be generated in the Split ID column of the Receipts Grid so you can easily identify which items belong to the split receipt.

This option is accessed by selecting the button on the upper right side of any organizer screen; Folders and Receipts at the same time. A dialog box will open, prompting you make or confirm your selection of all visible receipts in the selected folder s or the selected receipt s. Columns and Images If you've selected additional column selections under the step 8. Image Scaling Under Preview Click to preview the exported data file. Click to export the data file.

Use the dropdown list to navigate to the folder in which you want to save the exported file. Export Click to export the data file.

Save In Use the dropdown list to navigate to the folder in which you want to save the exported file. The imported folder row s appears in the upper grid. The receipts contained in those folders will be visible in the lower grid. Type a file name in the the file name already in the field if applicable and choose whether to compress file.

Continue Click Complete the email message and click Send. Your default email program will launch and a new message opens. The To field of the new message will be populated with the contacts selected in the previous step; File Name In the dialog box, type a new file name, or accept the default name suggested. The template can be blank or it can contain information such as a company logo or column header names.

The file can have either a. To specify an existing template file: If an Excel Template file already exists, specify its location by typing the explicit path or by using the Browse button to navigate to the. Image Details Click the medium, or large. The Images Per Row field will adjust automatically. Unmapped columns appear on the left, mapped columns appear on the right. Unmapped Fields Under the field allows for cross mapping by category. For example, you can map the total amount for all receipts that are tagged as "airline.

To view a summary of all mapping values, click the All Mappings button. Click the Excel Map dropdown box. Tap any key on the keyboard to open the Update Excel Map dialog box. Select the receipt s or folder s you want to export. From the Toolbar, choose opens shown below. For example, you could export to CSV if you wanted an easy way to get your data into a simple Excel format that you could then manipulate without building an Excel map.

Columns and Images If you've selected additional image selections under the Select Formatting Under the page, comments, or page numbers. By default, all options are checked to be included. From the toolbar, Choose Do one of the following: After you have imported those Quicken accounts, you may use the export option inside NeatWorks, and choose a destination account for your transactions inside Quicken. Continue Click on Navigate to the desired destination location on your computer, type a name for the file, and then click on extension.

When the import is complete, you can move the transactions into any other Quicken account you wish. Exporting to QuickBooks You can quickly export multiple types of receipts into multiple accounts in one simple step. The QuickBooks Direct Export Wizard screen displays and shows you a summary of the data you selected. If you chose QuickBooks iif: The Export Setup screen displays: Complete the Debt Account and Credit Account fields. Click the appropriate radio dial Receipt Vendor or User Name.

Continue Click Navigate to the desired location on your computer, type a name for the file, Save and then click on extension. The toolbar is pictured below. There are several ways to navigate within a report: Step 2 Under the heading, define the scope of the report. Step 3 Under the heading, select the preferred detail level summary or detailed.

Detailed reports provide line item information for each receipt. Run Report Click on to close the Reporting Wizard dialog box and run the Saving a Report To save a report, do the following: Select a file type from the Click Navigate to the folder you want to save the file in.

NeatWorks allows you the flexibility of being able to modify column headings in the folder and receipts grids as well as field names on the User Profiles tab Information Tabs. Information Tabs Information tabs include the ReceiptComments. Information tabs allow you to add comments to any of your folders or receipts, and the comments section will actually change depending on the folder or receipt selected.

In other words, the fields on the tabs change, depending on what is selected in the grids above. Modifying a Column or Field Name If the default column or field name is not specific enough for your needs, you can modify it by doing the following: From the Toolbar, choose Working With Receipts The goal of this section is to help you learn how to work with receipts.

We'll cover how to edit, sort, clear, delete, split, email, export, import and personalize receipt information. The Receipts organizer is shown below Place a receipt in the scanner and scan Verify data and add a vendor name Adjust your image Create or Select a Folder After scanning a receipt see "container" into which your receipts will be scanned, stored, and organized.

In NeatWorks, all receipts are filed into Folders. To modify any of the Review and File information, click when in the Receipts organizer and edit as necessary. The Image Adjuster screen displays: Manually Crop the Image NeatWorks automatically crops scanned images;

Neatdesk Scanner Driver Download


Should the manual format triggers problems, or just stops one or two drivers from appropriately co aligning others, make an attempt to perform the procedures logged in as administrator. When everything else falls flat experiment with the driver installation software package. This is going to continue to keep all of the drivers refreshed without you being forced to know a single thing regarding your Computer system arrangement or taking any kind of unnecessary challenges. Most applications even back up the entire Working station formation, and that means you can go back to the original setting if the need manifest itself. Neat ADF Scanner - driver downloads manual installation guide zip. Neat ADF Scanner - driver downloads driver-category list. Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly PostScript printer drivers: Can I install Nckia E by myself in anyway? I am hesitating whether to employ that scanner, still cannot get it done by myself. Reckon So i'm stuck

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Neatdesk Scanner Driver Download

Establishing the NeatDesk scanner and putting in the application used to be straightforward and simple, although I did get a few initial squawks from the NeatDesk installation application about distinctive elements now not being supported by way of my version of home windows 8. These went away once I got NeatDesk 5 established and the cutting-edge replace utilized. You by means of constructing folders within the My cabinet component to the NeatDesk interface, and you then scan your files into them in one among two approaches: The NeatDesk scanner is speedy, but a few occasions the ADF grabbed multiple piece at time in particularly with trade playing cards, and I skilled several paper jams. The scanner mis-fed or jammed more customarily than it must, however opening and clearing it was once a snap. After the primary page scans, NeatDesk starts examining the scanned documents, categorizing each and every page as a industry card, receipt, or the documents. At that point, which you could go via and make corrections to any fields that NeatDesk populated incorrectly.

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