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Semantic Gs Epson Stylus Color 600 Driver Download Install Update

EPSON is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other printers. Ink Jet Printer Type Name: PA Conforms to the following Directive s and Norm s: Defining a Custom Paper Size Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Diagnosing the Problem Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions Read all of these instructions and save them for later reference.

Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the printer. Do not place the printer on an unstable surface or near a radiator or heat source.

Place the printer on a flat surface. Unplug the printer and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions: If the power cord or plug is damaged; if liquid has entered the printer; if the printer has been dropped or the cabinet damaged; if the printer does not operate normally or exhibits a distinct change in performance.

If damage occurs to the plug, replace the cord set or consult a qualified electrician. Replace fuses only with a fuse of the correct size and rating. Warnings, Cautions, and Notes Warnings must be followed carefully to avoid bodily injury.

Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment. When using your printer with a PC. Buttons Button Function Turns the printer on and off. Clears the print buffer if pressed twice while the power is on. Resumes printing if pressed after a paper out error.

At least 20MB of free disk space for full program installation When using your printer with a Macintosh The following are the hardware and system requirements that must be met to use this printer with a Macintosh. The amount of available memory varies according to the number and kind of applications that are open. Options The following options are available for use with your printer. You can use any interface cable that meets the specifications listed below.

See your computer manual for any additional requirements. Chapter 2 Getting Started Unpacking the Printer Attaching the Paper Support Choosing a Place for the Printer. Unpacking the Printer Your printer box should contain a CD-ROM, which includes the printer driver software that runs your printer, and the following items: Attaching the Paper Support Insert the paper support into the slots at the rear of the printer as shown below.

Choosing a Place for the Printer Follow the guidelines listed below when placing your printer. Avoid using or storing the printer in places subject to rapid changes in temperature and humidity.

Also keep it away from direct sunlight, strong light, or heat sources. Avoid places subject to shocks and vibrations. Place the printer near a wall outlet where the plug can be easily unplugged. Plugging in the Printer 1. Make sure that the printer is turned off. It is off when the power button protrudes slightly from the surface of the control panel. Check the label on the back of the printer to make sure the voltage required by the printer matches that of the electrical outlet you will be plugging it into.

Installing the Ink Cartridges Warning: The ink cartridges are self-contained units. Under ordinary use, ink will not leak from a cartridge.

If ink does get on your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. If ink gets into your eyes, flush them immediately with water. Install the ink cartridges as follows: Do not open the ink cartridge packages until just before you install the Turn on the printer by pressing the power button.

The print head moves slightly to the left, which is the ink cartridge install position. The power light flashes and the ink out lights come on. Do not move the print head by hand. Otherwise you may damage the printer. Lift up the two ink cartridge clamps.

Open the ink cartridge packages. Next, remove only the yellow tape seals from each cartridge as shown below. You must remove the yellow tape seals from the cartridges. If you attempt to print using a cartridge with this tape seal still attached, the cartridge may become unusable. Lower the cartridges into their holders with the labels face-up and the arrow marks pointing to the rear. The color cartridge, which is larger, goes on the right and the black ink cartridge goes on the left.

Install both ink cartridges. Press the cleaning button then close the printer cover. The printer moves the print head and begins charging the ink delivery system. Even if you do not press the cleaning button, the printer moves the print head and begins the ink charging process about 60 seconds after you install the cartridges. Connecting the Printer to Your PC To connect the printer to your computer using the built-in parallel interface, you will need a shielded, twisted-pair parallel cable.

To connect the printer to a Macintosh, see page Follow the steps below to connect the printer to the computer: If you are using the floppy disk version of the software, before you begin installation, make a backup copy of the EPSON printer software disk. If you wish to make a floppy disk version of the printer software on your CD-ROM, you can use the driver disk creation utility included on the CD. Follow the on-screen messages and when the installation is complete, click OK again.

Turn off your printer and computer, if necessary. Turn on the printer first; then turn on the computer. Your computer begins loading Windows If you defined a password, enter it at the prompt. You see the New Hardware Found screen. First try typing D: If an error message does not appear, proceed to step 8. If an error message does appear, you have the multiple-language version and you need to click OK to return to the Install From Disk screen.

Using your printer on a network with Windows 95 If you want to use your printer on a network, you need to set up your printer as a network printer. Double-click the My Computer icon. Double-click the Printers folder. Make sure Windows 3. If you use the floppy disk version, insert it in a disk drive.

Driver disk creation utility button and follow the on-screen instructions. Select your printer icon and click OK. The installation program begins copying the printer software files. Read the following steps to connect the printer to your Macintosh. Make sure both your printer and Macintosh are switched off. This software is specially designed to allow easy access to all the features of the printer.

Turn off all virus protection programs before you install your printer software. Destination Disk box, then click Install. Confirm the destination for installation, then click Install. If you later decide you need the Power Macintosh Extension Module, select and install it using the custom install procedure described here. You must turn on background printing in the Chooser to use this utility. Nozzle Check Checks the print head for clogging.

You can open this utility from the Utility dialog box in the printer software. Head Cleaning Cleans the print head to maintain the best print quality. When background printing is on, you can use your Macintosh while it is preparing a document for printing.

Chapter 3 Starting to Print Loading Paper Printing with a Macintosh. Loading Paper The following procedure describes how to load plain paper into the printer.

Semantic Gs Epson Stylus Color 600 Driver Download

Epson Stylus Color 600

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Semantic Gs Epson Stylus Color 600 Driver Download

For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. Many printer drivers, utilities and applications are available to download free of charge from the support pages of the Epson website. This article explains how to navigate the Epson website to locate and download them for your product. Some of the options available to you will vary depending on your operating system e. Windows 10 or macOS , or internet browser e. File names will vary, as they are different for each product model. File types may also vary for different products and operating systems.

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