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Hey, been googling for a while but haven't found anything that looks good. Hoping to find a freeware print driver to print to bmp or tiff or jpg etc Supporting large sizes as well. Does anybody use such a printer? What would be a good one? It's XP I don't need a viewer, I need a print driver. The point is so that from whatever program I'm in, I can choose to print the page into a graphic file.

I already have a PDF printer, but don't use it a whole lot. I'd like to just go directly to a format for E-mailing or posting on the web. These are the types of programs I need: Nodsu, you changed your avatar, I hardly recognized you Well I gave it a shot with what you posted, installed gs and redmon, created a printer with the MS driver and the RPT1 redmon driver. Created the command file and setup the config, changed paths etc But haven't got it to work.

When I print, a dos box pops up for a second, so I know it's getting to the converter, but the output file is not created, and I can't seem to find a log if there is an error. But I'll keep working with it and see what I can do. You can debug this thing manually.. Don't use the port redirector and print directly to file using the PS printer. You end up with a PostScript file. Then open up a command prompt and run the gswin32c command with the shown arguments with that PS file redirected to it.

You should get all the error messages in the command prompt window. Assuming your PS file is in C: I had installed them to program files default but I thought maybe the space between program and files was causing path issues. Now if I try to install redmon, it says it's already installed. But if I run the uninstaller, it says error 2, file missing. And I do NOT have the virtual port anymore. ERRR, anyway, I'll have to fiddle with it some more in a little while.

I do have a PS file I created by printing to a new port which is just a file name c: Haven't tried your manual convert yet though, I will in a minute. If you installed GS, then it probably associated itself with. So you can jyst open the thing and use the GUI for conversion. Kind of defeats your purpose of a TIFF printer though.

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Bmp Printer Driver Free

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Personally I'm not a big fan of PDF. To me, it's not "open", it's big and usually you cannot edit it afterwards. More often we receive documents, like payrolls and bank notes, in those PDF files. For my administration, I recently made some effort to move from paper to computer.

Print to TIFF

Bmp Printer Driver Free

Image Printer is a, virtual printer driver for computers running Windows , , XP, , Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems based on the Microsoft universal printer driver. It is an all-purpose image printer. It enables print to image, print to file, print to PDF, and word to jpg options. It even allows you to print to multiple file formats at the same time. There are a wide range of convenient, customizable options. You can specify the directory where the files are saved or choose to run any application automatically after printing, so you can view copy, replace, convert, or edit your new document and provides an easy way to send the image to fax, if required. A progress monitor is also available.

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